24 August 2017

CRCSI recognised for leadership in commercialisation

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The Australia and New Zealand Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information received the Asia Geospatial Leadership Award for Commercialisation of Technology at GeoSmart Asia 2017 last night in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Each year, champions of the industry – be they organisations or individuals – are recognised for the impacts their enthusiasm and innovative thinking have brought to the future. Anamika Das, Vice President, Outreach and Business Development, Geospatial Media and Communications, said that the CRCSI has been recognised world-wide for the high impact of its research and for adding value to the spatial marketplace.

“The CRCSI has been building expertise and working towards commercialisation of spatial research by bringing government, corporate and academic partners together,” she said. “This has provided opportunities for user-led, novel and foundation spatial research that solves complex problems of national significance. For the last 14 years, the CRCSI has played a central role in the thriving spatial industry, both locally and internationally.” 

Dr Peter Woodgate, CRCSI CEO, says that geospatial technologies are revolutionising most sectors of the global economy. “The march of geospatial technology is unstoppable, from autonomous transport to location-based high street marketing,” he said. “For nations to realise the maximum benefits, government needs to get the policy settings right, industry must work with certainty in the market place and the public research sector has to partner with technology providers and end users. Then we can tackle the really big nation-building challenges that pave the way for growth.”

GeoSmart Asia 2017 Award photo 23 August 2017

(L to R) Dr Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse, Director-International Relations CRCSI; YB Datuk Ir.Dr.Hj.Hamim Samuri, Hon. Deputy Minister for Natural Resources & Environment, Government of Malaysia; Mr Prashant Joshi, Vice President, Geospatial and Media Communications

“On behalf of the 120 partners of the CRCSI , from government, the private sector and the publicly funded research sector, I’d like to acknowledge the organisers, Geospatial Media and Communications, with sincere thanks. This is an honour for which we are most grateful,” says Dr Woodgate.

Dr Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse, Director-International Relations CRCSI, accepted the Asia Geospatial Leadership for Commercialisation of Technology award at the GeoSmart Asia 2017 Awards ceremony on Wednesday 23 August in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

For further information about this award, please contact: Stephanie Pradier, CRCSI Communication Manager on m. +61 424 568 314.

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