This project is developing tools to apply spatial information to urban planning decision making, for improved economic, social and environmental outcomes. 

The project is informing urban planning decisions related to the redevelopment of the middle suburbs, in particular those precincts characterised as ‘greyfields’ which provide unique considerations for planning, such as

  • existing community and social structures and networks not found in greenfields or brownfields
  • the predominant private ownership of ageing building stock
  • the need for upgrading civil and social infrastructure within the existing system


Roman Trubka (CRCSI Hobart Roadshow [24 mins])


Dr Roman Trubka demonstrating Envision. This toolset examines residential areas of high redevelopment potential [16 mins]


Project Overview [15 mins]


A workshop to determine how ENVISION could be applied in the Christchurch post-earthquake context was conducted at the CRCSI conference in Christchurch. The City of Christchurch and University of Canterbury are new partners in the project.

The WA Department of Housing, the City of Stirling (WA) and the City of Maroondah(VIC) have now formally joined the project as new project partners.

A new web based version of ENVISION is operational with WA data. The toolset currently can be used to query properties with a high redevelopment potential and run residential land rezoning scenarios to determine changes in development capacity. The rezoning tool is capable of storing multiple rezoning scenarios.

Stephen Glackin received the Swinburne Vice-Chancellor's Award for Research Excellence (Early Career).

James Cole and Roman movember