Please use this area of our website to help guide your way around the CRC for Spatial Information.

Within this login area of the CRCSI website we have developed a suite of information, templates and databases to help you connect with us, do better business and tell our story.

There are templates to present and templates to communicate. There are research proposal templates and research reporting templates. 

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Prime Contacts:

Prime ContactsFor additional contacts including our business development team and program managers, please go to Our People.

Organisational Chart:

CRCSI Team Structure May 2015

Our Members: 

This is our database of connections – from staff to our research community to our participants and collaborators. 

43pl Resources:

Prime contacts by region and foundation agreements. 

Forms and Templates:

A hub of resources for project proposals, reporting, presentation formats, and scholarship applications. We update our resources regularly so come back to find the latest.

Meeting Schedule:

This is a live meeting schedule for all CRCSI project reporting.