31 October 2014

Greening the Greyfields

Natural disasters can have horrific social and economic impacts - lives are lost, people are injured, infrastructure is damaged and the community is left facing huge repair bills.

Sometimes, however, these disasters also can produce unexpected benefits.

Through CRCSI’s Greening the Greyfields Project a new era of Australia-New Zealand research cooperation has emerged in an innovative project to build sustainable & resilient urban environments. 

New tools are being developed to apply spatial information to urban planning decision-making, for improved economic, social and environmental outcomes related to the redevelopment of older industrial suburbs, in particular those precincts characterised as ‘greyfields’.

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20 November 2014

Peter Teunissen awarded Honorary Doctorate

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) awarded Professor Peter Teunissen an Honorary...

23 September 2014

Medal for Program 4.4 Chair

Congratulations to Dr Tarun Weeramanthri, Health Program Board Chair, who has...

20 September 2014

CRCSI in the news

The CRCAssociation publication "Knowhow" of September 2014 features the breakthroughs of CRCSI Positioning Program,...

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10 March 2015


6 October 2015

9th International Symposium on Digital Earth

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