Spatially Enabling Australia & New Zealand

...Well done on the conference - good, relevant presentations, a great sense of collaboration and one the best networking opportunities I have attended!

- Mike Bradford, Chief Executive | Landgate

...The CRCSI’s use of the innovative 43pl structure to enable the engagement of a large number of SMEs is ... of vital importance to the fledgling SI sector and to the CRCSI

- CRC Program, Independent Review of CRCSI | Final Report

...The CRCSI-developed FAS system has been absolutely instrumental in enabling the cost effective, thorough and safe capture of network infrastructure

- Matt Coleman, ROAMES Capability Development Manager | ROAMES

...The CRCSI has done an outstanding job in working with industry and government participants

- CRC Program, Independent Review of CRCSI | Final Report

...CRCSI has significantly raised the profile of spatial information in Australia and aligned the capacity of the CRC to match end-user requirements

- CRCSI , Independent Review Panel | Report

...The CRCSI is a fantastic opportunity for any company

- Adam Hender, CEO | iintegrate Systems Pty Ltd

...Innovative organisations are organisations that believe in and can pursue collaboration. CRCSI gives us the structure, the precedents and the understanding to collaborate at the low transaction cost and risk that small companies’ need.

- Dave Sinclair, Chairman | 43pl

...The CRCSI Conference is not only a great opportunity to dip into R&D across the CRCSI, and to network - it is also where I get to see where my cash contributions are being applied and to understand better how I can take advantage of all the various benefits the CRCSI provides

- Rob Rowell, Managing Director | Insight GIS

...The CRCSI role has not been limited to research, it has also provided commercialisation support, networks of contacts, input to Board discussions, and ongoing business credibility. No CRCSI, no Scanalyse. Simple as that.

- Peter Clarke, Managing Director | Scanalyse Pty Ltd

...involvement in a number of research projects have significantly benefited Spatial Vision - enhancing our expertise in key technologies; the opportunity to work closely with existing and new clients, and generally raising awareness of our company by being associated with the CRCSI

- Glen Cockerton, Managing Director | Spatial Vision

......the global geospatial services sector is growing at 30% pa and generates US$150-270 billion per year in revenue and US$110 billion per year in gross value added.

- Oxera 2013, Prepared for Google | What is the economic impact of Geo services?

...... it’s a great example of strong research/science fundamentals combined with solid project delivery combining for an excellent outcome. In addition – the private/academic/government partnership has worked extremely well.

- Paul Farrell, Managing Director | NGIS

What we do ...

We conduct user-driven research in areas of spatial information that address issues of national importance


We carry out selected commissioned research projects for clients


Our partners include federal and state government agencies, universities and over 50 companies


We have an ambitious program of research supporting critical spatial infrastructure in Australia & New Zealand


What is spatial information?


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