Towards a Spatial Knowledge Infrastructure White Paper proposes a Next Generation Spatial Knowledge Infrastructure that moves the agenda from more traditional Spatial Data Infrastructure concepts, to automatically creating, sharing, curating, delivering and using knowledge (not just data or information) in support of the emerging digital economy and the rise of spatially-aware and equipped citizens. 

There will be a time of transition that requires innovation and new practices in government and the private sector to allow the power of emerging technologies to meet the future demand of users.

This movement from information data to fit-for-purpose knowledge will drive new activities across the economy in areas of smarter transport networks, responsive and resilient cities and intelligent infrastructure planning. 

The white paper, authored by Professor Matt Duckham, Dr Lesley Arnold, Kylie Armstrong, Dr David McMeekin and Darren Mottolini highlights the case for change and maps the journey that will help realise the creation of the Spatial Knowledge Infrastructure.

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