29 June 2018

Farewell to the CRCSI, welcome FrontierSI

Today marks a very significant day for the CRCSI. We are winding-up our involvement in the CRC Programme, after 15 successful years, and taking the wrapping off our new entity – FrontierSI. Many things will change over the next 12 months and many things will remain the same. Our raison d'être is, and will continue to be, the conduct of user-led, collaborative, applied spatial research.

We will deliver this by bringing the best people together to solve the most complex problems. We will continue to engage with our partners and deliver on our strong research portfolio. In 2018-19, a new board will commence and set a strategy for FrontierSI. Over the coming few months we look forward to regularly providing updates as we as we chart a new direction with our partners and stakeholders.

With the formal end of the CRCSI funding comes several departures of our people from the fold. I wanted to take this opportunity to openly express my thanks and gratitude to the following individuals on behalf of the entire team.

Firstly, I want to thank Jane Inall, who was I recall, employee number three at the CRCSI. Jane’s contribution across all aspects of CRCSI life has been invaluable, she has been a key ingredient in the smooth running of the CRCSI.  

I want to thank Kylie Armstrong who has also been associated with the CRCSI since its early days. Kylie contributed to our Spatial Infrastructures program while at Landgate for several years before she joined the team as the Spatial Infrastructures Program Manager. The achievements of the Spatial Infrastructures projects and graduating PhD cohort have been a direct result of her leadership influence. 

Many thanks to Anna de Raadt for taking on the role as New Zealand Business Director and acting as the pivot point for all things NZ. Anna has nurtured the projects based in NZ and cultivated relationships to the point where the trans-Tasman bonds are many-to-many. Anna’s assistance in networking Land Information New Zealand into the CRCSI has laid the foundation to build on our successful NZ partnerships through FrontierSI.

Thanks to Serryn Eagleson who has acted as Deputy Research Director in a part-time role over the past 18 months. Serryn has contributed to the effective running of our research portfolio as well as the Spatial Infrastructures Program. We wish her well as she continues her role at AURIN.

Thanks also must go to Emma Williams for all her hard work, advice and diligence over the past year in developing the legal framework from which we operate the SBAS test-bed. Emma has assisted on several other CRCSI and FrontierSI agreements and Emma leaves us in good stead having shaped our legal instruments for the future.

And, thanks to Louie Montagnino for stepping into the Queensland Business Development Manager role earlier this year. Louie’s input and management has ensured we have been full steam ahead in Queensland with the current project portfolio.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge all the staff, past and present, without each one of you our success, and our partners' success, would have been impossible. 

As a team we have driven positive change throughout Australia and New Zealand -- our collaborative work has garnered international acclaim.

Without our partners, none of this would be possible. So as a team, a collaborative organisation and individually --- whether you are employed by the CRCSI or you are one of our partners --- I want each one of you to be proud of the contributions you have made to the success of the CRCSI.

To our partners, stakeholders and collaborators, CRCSI leaves a strong legacy we all own a small slice of, and we look forward to sharing the continued success of FrontierSI with you all. 
Graeme Kernich | CEO | Australia New Zealand CRC for Spatial Information 

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