ALOS PALSAR FBD data over Mathinna 2007To monitor global climate change, we need to monitor carbon. Each country requires a robust national carbon accounting system. Australia is working internationally to foster agreement on issues of independently verifiable technical, methodological and institutional performance specifications.

The $273 million International Forest Carbon Initiative works to foster agreement on these issues and develop a global carbon monitoring system.


Tasmania 2 1Tasmania was selected as Australia's national demonstrator site as part of the Group on Earth Observation Forest Carbon Tracking Task. This tasks is working to continuously improve a globally applicable method to combine satellite and in situ data for mapping forests and estimating carbon.

Funded by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, CRCSI partnered with CSIRO to generate wall-to-wall time series SAR mosaics, forest/non-forest maps and other data products to monitor carbon.


These are intended as guidance documents for the generation and calibration of radar mosaics suitable for the extraction of forest and land cover information. The processing methods developed and the verification strategies described are based on R&D undertaken through the Tasmania National Demonstrator program.

Vol 1 Radar Processing Methodologies for the Generation of Wall-to-Wall Mosaics [7MB]

Vol 2 Radar processing methodologies for the generation of forest information products [12MB]

Vol 3 Overview of Quality Assurance Concepts for Image Processing in National Carbon Accounting Systems [400KB]

Vol 4 Verification, Continuous Improvement and Reporting Methods for National Demonstrators [1MB]

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