The CRCSI Conference is a much appreciated opportunity for participants to understand breakthrough technologies and processes across the CRCSI projects and activities; and network across our members and with special guests.

Most CRCSI projects have scholarships in their budgets. We also offer scholarships for Masters or PhD candidates on a competitive basis, and particularly encourage staff from 43pl and government participants to consider this as a means of up-skilling while remaining in the workforce and working on a leading project of relevance to their employer.

We particularly welcome those students seeking “top-up” scholarships. Applications may be made at any time. Enquiries to Nathan Quadros.

Internships are also available, specific to the needs of the partners involved. A Matchmaker portal has been provided to the Destination Spatial website to bring together students and employers.


Generous tax free stipends are available for people from 43pl and government who would like to enrol with one of our CRCSI universities to explore new work aligned with one of the many CRCSI application areas. This includes current and future project areas.

You will be recognised as participating in a national leadership CRC working on "real world" issues of importance to the nation.

The annual conference brings together all CRCSI participants and is a very powerful networking opportunity.

Courses and workshops on relevant topics such as leadership and commercialisation are held for scholarship holder.

Exchange opportunities are available through the extensive CRCSI links overseas.

Every student is expected to have both an academic supervisor and an end-user supervisor.


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Education Manager

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Research Director


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