NRM Hub 1The NRM Spatial Information Hub (the Hub) is a central element of the 15 year blueprint of the Australian Rangelands Initiative developed by the National Rangelands NRM Alliance.

The National Rangeland NRM Alliance (The Alliance) combines thirteen rangeland regional Natural Resource Management (NRM) organisations which represent 80% of Australia’s land mass. The Alliance aims to improve the delivery of NRM at a national level to improve sustainable land management in the rangelands of Australia.

NRM Hub 2The aim of the Hub is to provide land managers with systems, tools, data, and skills needed to dramatically improve access to farm-scale information and knowledge. These capabilities will underpin better management decisions and measurable improvements in landscape condition and productivity.

The first stage of the Hub comprises 3 core activities:

  • The development of an on-line farm planning and information system
  • Coordination, information delivery, support and training services
  • Paddock to national scale productivity and environmental monitoring.

NRM Hub 3The CRC for Spatial information has played a key role in the development of the Hub concept, and will be collaborating with the Rangelands Alliance members, Queensland Government Remote Sensing Centre and Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) on its implementation.

Importantly the Hub will leverage off the Big Data for Environmental Monitoring and Biomass Business and will also provide a platform for driving utilisation of CRCSI research outcomes.

Visit the NRM Spatial Hub website for more information.


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