The NDG is a data platform that adopts a grid cell (also called raster) based approach to managing spatial information (SI). The basic objective of NDG is to provide a platform which supports the SI needs of modellers and decisions support systems.

Once established, the same platform can also support simple spatial queries and analyses to spatially enable professionals, with little or no SI knowledge, to a point where they can build SI into their processes in a simple and repeatable manner.

To achieve this, NDG aims to develop a shared infrastructure that provides an economic and effective means to integrate SI from a variety of sources, and in various formats, to support commonly required query, analytical and modelling tasks. This will be based on a set of standard grids and projections to support new and existing business activities.

To promote the full potential of NDG to key users and stakeholders in Australia the CRCSI funded an NDG Demonstrator. The purpose is to develop typical functions of NDG and showcase the core technical components and user interactions of the full NDG production system.

The Demonstrator aims to form the reasoning for the larger scale development of NDG through an evaluation strategy involving a host of partners including the Victorian Departments of Sustainability and Environment, Justice, and Primary Industries; Geoscience Australia and Spatial Vision.

Spatial Vision is responsible for the development of the NDG Demonstrator application. DSE is managing the project on behalf of the CRCSI. Other project participants are supporting the project by contributing specific modelling expertise and experience and "end-user needs".


In addition a $3.4M initiative funded by the Australian Space Research Program to build earth observation infrastructure to enable processing of the national LANDSAT imagery archive has commenced. It will use CRCSI Centre Intellectual Property created in the National Data Grid project.


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T O ChanDr Tai (T.O.) Chan
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