gps satellite nasa 72Earth Observations from Space (EOS) are the richest source of information about the Earth system. EOS informs activities across environment, agriculture, mining, community safety and healthcare.

Australia has traditionally been an opportunistic user of EOS and has relied on other countries to launch and operate satellites and provide the data. 

In line with the Australian Government’s Satellite Utilisation Policy and broader policies on the digital economy and research infrastructure, Australia wishes to transition to a requirements-driven approach that ensures that high priority EOS are available as information infrastructure for the national economy. 

A clear understanding of what EOS are the most important to the nation, and what the scenarios are for assuring access to those EOS, is critical. 

This project will provide an evidence base against which governments and industry can make decisions about investments in EOS, particularly in securing access to the data that has the greatest potential for industry, government and the broader community. A project manager will be appointed within GA for the duration of the project.


Geoscience Australia   -   Bureau of Meteorology - CSIRO


Cliver Fraser 2013 sqProf Clive Fraser
Science Director Imagery Program


Chris Penning
Project Manager/Leader