The Ergon ROAMES (Remote Observation Automated Modelling Economic Simulation) project captures aerial photography and LiDAR images over its entire powerline infrastructure each year.

The main business driver for Ergon is cost saving in managing vegetation near its powerlines. However the information captured in this project has much broader application.

Light aircraft equipped with LiDAR began collecting data in late 2011. The data is then uploaded into the Google Maps Engine. Ergon then uses Google Earth layers to present their sensor-captured data in an interactive, 3D visualisation environment.

CRCSI are contributing to the project in a number of ways, specifically through research to extend the aircraft path planning, data capture and flight assist concepts. These optimise flight management and planning for large scale infrastructure aerial surveys. The outcomes can be applied to both highly automated manned and unmanned aircraft to reduce costs and optimise data capture.


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Dr Graeme Kernich