Greening the Greyfields is a CRCSI project aimed at regenerating urban areas. The premise behind its existence is that greenfield development (urban fringe) is unsustainable and individual; ad-hoc property redevelopment is incredibly inefficient.The concept of a “Regeneration Precinct” is used to define areas where landowners amalgamate land and develop it as a single site.

The CRCSI software ESP (Envision Scenario Planning) was created to allow users to visualise and assess the precinct and the houses within for carbon, energy use, stormwater runoff, cost and a variety of other metrics. However, using this software with landowners has not proved effective as it only allows one person to interact with it, requires some form of computer literacy and generally breaks conversation flow and discussion between groups of landowners.

Housing Typologies

ESP precinct with housing typologies

Swinburne University (VIC) has recently invested in an industry scale 3D printing laboratory. Collaboration between CRCSI and Swinburne Institute of Social Research has allowed for all of the housing typologies within ESP to be 3D printed; meaning that landowners and community members can now manually adapt the form of their local built environment (which can then be assessed in ESP).

This approach is being piloted at the CRCSI Annual Conference 2016. We are seeking feedback, commentary and advice on how this new technology can be used with landowners and community groups.

The following questionnaire is aimed at capturing community engagement insights; technical, qualitative or related to the look and feel of the objects/setting.

Click this link to answer six quick questions.

Please direct any queries to Steve Glackin on e. sglackin@swin.edu.au Thank you for participating.