Building concept drawingThis research will identify why spatial information tools are not being more broadly used in land use planning and decision making. It will develop a framework for assessing the usability of such software tools, including the Envision tools and will provide an online resource for users seeking to assess the suitability and usability of tools for operational needs.

The research will run as a PhD scholarship based at the University of Melbourne.


1] Creating a novel visual analytic usability framework that will initially be tested on spatial information base planning support system tools

2] Identifying bottlenecks and opportunities for adoption of Planning Support Systems (PSS) in land use planning as determined through the usability framework

3] Providing the urban planning community an integral service such as the online PSS knowledge portal, for supporting and facilitating the selection and use of suitable PSS tool for modelling the built environment


PhD Candidate Patrizia Russo is on board with the project, supervised by Assoc Prof Chris Pettit and Dr Martin Tomko of the University of Melbourne, along with Prof Peter Newton of Swinburne University.

Patrizia's first outcome has been to create an Online Resource of over 100 worldwide developed and applied Land Use Planning Support Systems.


University of Melbourne   -   Swinburne University


chris pettitDr Chris Pettit
Project Leader P4.53

MartinTomko sqDr Martin Tomko

Vic UMelb Patrizia RussoMs Patrizia Russo
PhD Candidate