Integrating MBS and PBS data in WA Health policy and planning across the state.

This project will determine the value of Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) data across Western Australia to better understand how primary health care is accessed based on location and clusters.

The aim of the research is to use this data analysis to formulate policy that provides better in community care and reduce hospital admissions in Western Australia.

The research will utilise MBS/PBS data from 2013/14 and will encompass several spatial analysis procedures and methods.

  1. Descriptive spatial analysis to identify geographical distribution of data
  2. Predictive spatial analysis to build descriptive analysis
  3. Evaluate how MBS/PBS data can inform strategic planning in WA Health.

This research is scheduled be completed by mid-2017.

Project Partners

Department of Health (WA) – Curtin University – Primary Health Alliance

Project Leader

Peter SomerfordPeter Somerford
Department of Health (WA)