Improving equity of Hepatitis B treatment access and outcomes by informing spatial targeting of resources.

New research will model Hepatitis B in Australia to improve effective health programs in migrant and indigenous populations. Hepatitis B is a chronic disease over represented in these populations.

This 14-month project with CRCSI partners RMIT, University of Melbourne and the National Health and Medical Research Council will use location data to better understand demographics, mobility and the clinical care pathways for these at-risk populations located in Victoria and the Northern Territory.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare will support the research through data interpretation.

The outcome of the research will be dynamic spatial forecasts that map the future of Hepatitis B. In turn this information will allow planning of clinical strategies, resource allocation and the development of a static and interactive spatial Hepatitis B visualisation. These outcomes will be embedded in the National Hepatitis B Strategy that aims to achieve 15% treatment coverage up from the current five per cent.

Project Partners

RMIT – University of Melbourne – NHMRC – AIHW

Project Leaders

Ben CowieAssoc. Prof. Benjamin Cowie
University of Melbourne


Jodie McVernonProf. Jodie McVernon