Non-invasive spatial techniques in burns assessment and treatment.

How will burn management be enhanced through the use and analysis of 2D/3D imagery in determining the severity of a burn – percentage of total body surface and the depth of the wound?

This six month research will explore how the integration of 3D imagery technology and automatic analysis provides a more accurate and objective measurement of burn assessment leading to improved clinical outcomes (patient recovery). Using non-invasive imaging techniques for burns management could significantly assist clinicians to make timely decisions in order to optimise the chances of recovery and minimise scarring.

The initial project will investigate photogrammetry and photogrammetric image analysis in its potential to:

  1. Determine the surface areas of a burn wound in 3D (geometric analysis)
  2. Provide an objective measurement to analyse the blood supply and depth of injury based on the correlation of the depth to the spectral appearance
  3. Analyse the burn wound over time using objective measurements (geometric and spectral).

A second stage project will examine standard imaging techniques and methods.

Project Partners

Curtin University – Fiona Stanley Hospital, Burns Unit

Project Leaders

Pfionawood2rof Fiona Wood AM
Fiona Wood Foundation



WA Curtin PetraHelmholzDr Petra Helmholz
Curtin University