Identification of indoor localisation solutions for tracking patients in hospital environments to minimise cross-infection.

This first stage desktop research project will determine what technologies are available to undertake real-time indoor tracking of patients to reduce cross infection.

The Cystic Fibrosis Infection Control Guidelines suggest that cystic fibrosis patients are at risk of contracting cross infection in health care settings (hospitals, surgeries, inpatient care) and as such recommend a two metre distance between all patients. Understanding "time and place" and patient flow across the health system has yet to be developed.

This project looks to examine current technologies and make recommendations for validation in real-world environments.

The outcome of this research will impact future patient care.

Project Partners

UNSW – Sydney Childrens Hospital

Project Leaders

mark whitty 160716Dr Mark Whitty


nusrat homairaDr Nusrat Homaira