Simon and Andrew at Brisbane2012The project will build a data service providing access to the Department of Health WA Health and Wellbeing Surveillance System data collection; re-implement an existing epidemiological data analysis service (HealthTracks) using open source technologies in order to provide summary analytical products; and to integrate these elements with the AURIN portal and e-Infrastructure.


HealthTracks in action 1The project will provide secure access to the HWSS data collection for ethics approved AURIN end-users, increasing the security and efficiency of the data transfer process for both data custodians and researchers. This rich data source contains reliable measures of risk factors, self-reported health and health service utilisation relating to the Western Australian population. Researchers will be able to use the data within the AURIN analysis sandbox environment and download to use with other analytical tools.

It will allow all AURIN end-users to explore the results of epidemiological analyses on selected WA health data generated by the HealthTracks online analysis and reporting tool. Summary population health measures will guide future urban planning research direction and generate challenging hypotheses to be tested.


Initial end-users will be Curtin University researchers working in the nutrition, alcohol and physical activity related sciences. The results of their research can influence decision makers on future food security, alcohol outlet licences and the location of sport and recreational facilities.


Curtin University   -   Department of Health WA   -   Landgate   -   AURIN


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