A new CRCSI project in collaboration with Genetic Services of WA Health and Curtin University will use 3D facial analysis to provide new knowledge into disorders, rare diseases and clinical genetics.

The initial research conducted in 2014 with the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (Western Australia) in facial analysis streamlining for clinical translation (project 4.404) saw improvement in work efficiencies by at least 10% through the use of the 3D FAST app, a data cleaning tool, developed in C++ and translated into MATLAB. An inventory of current data storage, data management and databases has identified areas for further efficiency improvement.

This new project CliniFace (Project 4.406) will build on the initial results to streamline processes to allow for real-time data mining to create powerful diagnostic and treatment monitoring tools. The practice of this work will be used in applications for facial diagnostics, treatment monitoring and surgical planning.

CliniFace will medically enable 3D facial analysis of patients by using spatial technologies in 3D imaging, feature extraction and mapping.

Project partners include Genetic Services WA Health and Curtin University.


gareth BaynamGareth Baynam