This exploratory project will address the question asked by the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) research staff to improve the current workflow by reducing the time needed to produce image analysis input files from the raw scan data. 

Accurate 3D facial analysis is a powerful diagnostic and treatment monitoring, surgical planning and audit tool. The currrent PMH digital stereo photogrammetric platform has a long process from data-capture to evaluation, limiting its use and preventing implementation in the hospital’s general clinical setting.

3D Fast


Dept of Health WA (Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, Cranio-MaxilloFacial Unit - Mark Walters) - Curtin University


rich palmerRichard Palmer
PhD Student P2.01

david mcmeekinDr David McMeekin
Research Fellow, P3


WA Curtin Petra HelmholzDr Petra Helmholz
Curtin University