Epiphanee has privacy filters at its core. This web based cloud friendly processor allows vast amounts of data from multiple agencies to be analysed using spatial patterns (overlaying location to the data to make sense of the outcomes) and trend exploration.

Epiphanee is a visual tool. Multiple dataset can be visualised based on location. For example, Epiphanee can demonstrate the spatial distribution of disease including external factors such as how location has influences the occurrences of a disease. Epiphanee uses privacy filters which allow agencies to use real patient data to obtain accurate understanding of health scenarios.

Epiphanee can:

  • Manage multiple datasets across agencies
  • Search data using a query based and predictive query approach
  • Store search templates and update linked data to the search
  • Work on various privacy limits (known as probabilistic privacy limits) as set by each data custodian
  • Take a flexible approach to data exploration to allow for trend analysis.


paula FievezPaula Fievez
Health Program Manager