Completed Projects

The early outcomes of the Health Program has resulted in policy change.

The Health Program has completed a number of projects. Highlights from this research include:

  • The relationship between place and health outcomes
  • Queensland Cancer Atlas resulted in policy change and increase in patient subsidies
  • The development of geovisualisation tools for the WA Department of Health
  • Understanding of disaster impact and mental health 
  • Tools to map and analyse facial attributes for genetic disease.

4.42 Spatio-Temporal Modelling

The cost to our society of cancer is measured not only by the cost of providing health services, but also by the overall burden on society.

4.44 HealthTracks

HealthTracks – An online application to make health information more accessible and inform decision-makers across health agencies.

4.45 Geographic Variations in Natural Disaster Impact

The research has allowed health agencies to better target mental health care services to those most in need in future seismic events.

4.402 Place as a Vital Sign of Health

A significant proportion of people with a Type 2 Diabetes serviced by one general practice were clustered in and around two specific locations.

4.403 Epiphanee

Epiphanee is a visual tool. Multiple dataset can be visualised based on location.

4.404 3D Fast

A powerful diagnostic tool and facilitate broader clinical utilisation.

4.406 CliniFace

CliniFace will medically enable 3D facial analysis of patients by using spatial technologies in 3D imaging, feature extraction and mapping.