Environmental monitoring of land and coastlines for natural resource management is heavily impacted by ‘Big Data’ limitations; the data that when uncovered shows patterns, correlations and trends. These limitations come about because of the reliance on multi-temporal (repeated extraction of data from the same area) earth observation datasets.

The limitations of existing technology to sort and arrange datasets will continue to grow as new spatial observation data becomes increasingly available with higher resolution, clarity and volume from satellites carrying hyper-spectral instruments.

The four-year project – Big Data Solutions for Environmental Monitoring – will identify and target the strategic information technology challenges associated with the organisation, query, interrogation and analysis of the massive geo-temporal datasets.

The outcomes of this project include; developing the foundation for Big Data techniques across sectors (natural resource, water management etc); a collection of software services for data preparation, data analysis and data visualisation. Secondary outcomes may result in climate data and national image archives.

Project Partners

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Chris Penning
Email: chris.penning@ga.gov.au
Adam Lewis
Email: adam.lewis@ga.gov.au