Through spatial information, Biomass Business empowers Australia’s response to climate change by transforming the way public and private land managers balance agricultural productivity and sustainability.

Biomass Business is developing and evaluating new measurement and interpretation protocols and knowledge/data access systems based on field-scale, quantitative measurement and mapping of biomass in its many forms (including animals). This theme reflects the inextricable link between increasing agricultural productivity and the need to secure landscape diversity and health.

The project brings together leading proponents of production agriculture and public land management with a significantly expanded partner base and scope.

Project Update


The water use efficiency and pasture use efficiency (east coast) components of this project have concluded and final reports have been prepared. 

PhD student Niva Verma has recently had a paper accepted for publication in the prestigious international journal Forest Ecology and Management. This paper proposes an entirely new equation for estimating diameter at breast height (DBH) in Eucalyptus trees based on crown projection area. The notable outcome of this work has been the development of an allometric equation/process that applies to both clustered and single trees.


Research & Education Curtin University - Queensland University of Technology - University of New England

43pl - EcoLogical Aust - Milne AgriGroup - Sundown Country - Superair - Twynam Agricultural Group

Government - OEH NSW - Landgate


David Lamb 2013 sqProf David Lamb
Project Leader P4.12

Niva Verma Conf2012Mrs Niva Kiran Verma

ben fitzpatrickMr Ben Fitzpatrick
PhD Student

WA Curtin Petra HelmholzDr Petra Helmholz

charity mund vaMs Charity Mundava
PhD Student