The aim of the Australian Beef Cattle Digital Supply Chain Proof of Concept is to successfully design a digital supply chain platform that will:

  • Enhance the Primary Producer’s ability to effectively leverage spatial information and other available data to:
    • forecast production levels,
    • commit to long term supply agreements
    • make informed decisions around production optimisation
    • receive feedback from end consumers and
    • ultimately forecast financial performance; and
  • Provide the Processor supply insights that will allow for the:
    • optimisation of production levels and scheduling,
    • allow for long-term off take agreements to be executed, and
    • provide for surety of supply.

The aim is for the platform to be designed for and with industry via Meat and Livestock Australia as part of its Digital Strategy, with ongoing involvement and benefits flowing to the CRCSI/ALSIP and its partner network.

This project is a proof of concept, aiming to establish that the above aims are possible, and progress towards meeting these aims. This project alone does not attempt to completely solve all these problems.

This project will provide detailed outcomes to allow a decision to be made regarding the feasibility, reach and willingness of the industry in a digital supply chain system.

The output of the proof of concept trial will be detailed co-designed requirements for a digital supply chain platform, as well as initial platform specifications and a mock up.

Reports will be produced discussing:

  • Co-Design Outcomes
  • Discussion of data analysis, data gaps, data integration options and recommendations for the next steps for data analysis and integration
  • Outcomes and lessons from the platform specification design
  • Value of information sharing along the supply chain
  • Recommendations for next steps of the digital platform development

Project Participants

Ernst and Young, Queensland University of Technology, Meat and Livestock Australia


Richard Katter, Project Leader

Phil Delaney, Agriculture Program Manager