This project aims to create an immersive and interactive visual environment to better monitor the health of the Great Barrier Reef. 

360 degree virtual reality and 2D pictures from professional and amateur divers will be used to extract information on the state of the reef populations, geo-locate crown-of-thorns starfish, impacts of cyclones and coral bleaching and track water quality.

Digital environments will be developed to immerse reef health experts so information and interpretation of reef health issues can be extracted and understood. This information will be combined to existing data sources and used to feed spatio-temporal statistical models to aid better management decisions and guide future data collection.

The Digital Great Barrier Reef project is a 12 month project due to finish in November 2016. A copy of the project flyer can be downloaded from here.

Project Contacts

Kerrie MengersenDistinguished Professor Kerrie Mengersen
Project Leader


Project Team

Erin Peterson
Ross Brown
Ken Anthony
Julian Caley

Project Participants

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
QLD Department of Natural Resources and Mines (QNRM)