Building on the work of Biomass Business, this project will refine and apply a high-resolution approach to identify the lands across NSW with carbon storage potential (CSP) for targeted management intervention. With the correct agile tools, land managers will be able to participate more fully in the carbon markets.

CSP is the difference between the current carbon stocks and the carbon carrying capacity. 

The Biomass Business research demonstrated a successful approach for accurate, low-cost and high resolution remote sensing assessment of both the current and potential carbon stocks on two trial sites. The functional relationships between carbon stocks and the diversity of plant communities, vegetation structure, soil types and climate variable will be better understood in the research undertaken by this new project.

Remote sensing data will underpin the work of this project which will be conducted by two pHd students  funded through UNE and the CRCSI scholarship programs.

The second phase of this work will be extended to the Western Australia rangelands which have similar soil, climate and vegetation characteristics to those of Western NSW. This research will extend the project partnerships to Rangelands WA and Landgate.

Project Team

A/Prof Brian Wilson
Project Leader
University of New England

Dr Greg Summerell
Ecosystem Management Science
NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

Arjan Wilkie
PhD Student