This 12 month research project will develop a method to link consumer descriptions for quality and purpose to existing spatial datasets; manage and create a process to utilise vocabularies; and deliver tools and methodologies that allow users to measure fitness for purpose data by tracking trust, quality, auditing and licensing.

The project team will undertake this research by answering the four following questions:

  1. What semantic ontology, or vocabulary can best capture the language of consumers in describing data quality?
  2. How can data publishing processes be improved to better address the question of fitness for purpose based on consumer vocabulary?
  3. What approaches are needed to continually manage and validate a consumer vocabulary in communicating fitness for purpose?
  4. How can consumer vocabulary be leveraged through spatial data query and retrieval in response to consumer needs?

The research approach will profile consumers, generate vocabularies, define linkages and validate.

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Project Partners

PSMA Australia – LINZ – Landgate (WA) – DELWP (VIC) – Spatial Services NSW – QUT

Project Leader

Tom Spencer PSMATom Spencer
PSMA Australia