Geocoded addressing is one of the themes being addressed by the Foundation Spatial Data Framework (FSDF). It is a key enabler for many organisations. As our digital economy grows, so does the need to have an authoritative National Geocoded Address product that can be used to link an increasing range of complex information to a unique address/location/house/property. Applications for addressing will be more complex in the future (eg 3D, increased accuracy , UAV’s etc.) as well as the demand for addressing will be greater and vital to the digital economy. It is important that current capabilities are streamlined and structured to be ready for future changes.

The recommendations from Stage 1 of this project – The Review, can be used to implement changes in the Geocoded Address Supply Chain. These changes will be designed to have the greatest potential to improve the efficiency of the production of the Geocoded Address Supply Chain and the user experience. It will also make recommendations about improving its “future state”. This “future state” will be based on the current FSDF needs analysis that commenced in 2013, CRCSI Supply Chain Research and detailed user analysis obtained from Stage 1 of this project.

recent presentations

At the national spatial information conference — Locate15 — the program 3 team presented a number of times. Below is program manager Kylie Armstrong's presentation:


Business Aspect  —  Mercury Solutions


Kylie Armstrong 2013 sqMs Kylie Armstrong
Program 3 Director