P302 general graphic 2This project will deliver improved capabilities for the delivery of spatial data products and systems, through automation and will concrete on exploring and applying Semantic Web and Artificial Intelligence research to the problem of supply chain management. Changing the way in which information supply chains are managed, by identifying and implementing processes for the intelligent automation of what are currently mainly manual processes for the generation and management of supply chains.

P302 general graphicThis includes the automation of linking data and processes to form streamlined supply chains; tracking of lineage data to support end users and trust modelling; automation around assessing crowd sourced data for validity, and the invocation of web processes to aid linking and processing data.

This covers supply chain modelling along with tools to analyse supply chains, the automation of linking data and the use of crowd sourcing, or Volunteered Geographic Information, as a means to acquire information. In addition, issues around currency, provenance and versioning of spatial data will be addressed, particularly within authoritative data.

recent presentations

supply chain workshop

In May 2013, the CRCSI hosted a satellite meeting in Perth during its annual roadshow. Below is the presentation:


Research Fellow Dr David McMeekin has released a report on ontologies, vocabularies and various tools; an environmental scan of tools for ontologies and vocabularies.

The search for words results in different uses and meanings. Over the internet this can produce a wide-ranging relevant to irrelevant return on any key word search. The use of a controlled vocabulary within computing terms is important in order for searches to return relevant information.

Dr McMeekin's report is the first comprehensive compendium of tools in this area. A copy of the report can be downloaded here.


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