P3 plugged in graphicThis project will improve spatial infrastructures across multiple agencies in Australia and New Zealand. The impact of this work will be implemented by private companies.

The backbone of this research is that the findings will deliver solutions to real users (non-expert) of GIS. The project team will use real ‘marketplace’ scenarios involving data gathering technologies, knowledge and rule management, cloud-based services and consumer access to deliver these usable solutions.

The team will research federated models, framework datasets, supply chains and query-based spatial systems, licensing and other related areas in the context of the development of Web 3.0.

The main focus of the research will be the Semantic Web (Web 3.0), Artificial Intelligence and Supply Chains as this will take the capabilities of spatial infrastructures beyond manual methods for providing data, apps and services to more automated methods for dealing with data and processes for the full range of requirements along the spatial data supply chain.


The Semantic Web is still in its infancy but offers significant pathways to address gaps in the rapidly emerging, commercial cloudbased computing and smart services marketplace.

Semantic Web technologies need to be explored, enhanced and applied to spatial infrastructures. The existing manual generation of ontologies, rules and other aspects of the Semantic Web need to be automated and provide for rapid and simple integration of user content.


Research Fellow Dr David McMeekin has released a report on ontologies, vocabularies and various tools; an environmental scan of tools for ontologies and vocabularies.

The search for words results in different uses and meanings. Over the internet this can produce a wide-ranging relevant to irrelevant return on any key word search. The use of a controlled vocabulary within computing terms is important in order for searches to return relevant information.

Dr McMeekin's report is the first comprehensive compendium of tools in this area. A copy of the report can be downloaded here.

Recent presentations

At the national spatial information conference — Locate15 — the program 3 team presented a number of times. Below are the series of presentations:


DSE Vic   —  Curtin University   —   Landgate   —   NGIS   —   Amristar   —   PSMA


Kylie Armstrong 2013 sqKylie Armstrong
Program 3 Director and Project Leader 3.01 and 3.02


david mcmeekinDr David McMeekin
Proejct Leader and Research Fellow

Tristen Reed compressedTristan Reed
PhD Candidate

Jeremy Saio compressedJeremy Siao Him Fa


chet Bing TanChet Bing Tan
PhD Student


Elizabeth Kate GullandElizabeth-Kate Gulland
PhD Student