The low cost of UAV platforms and data acquisition has given rise to a large numbers of suppliers. Many of these are small operations with little knowledge or understanding of spatial data products. For organisations procuring UAV acquired data there is a high risk that the supplied data is not fit-for-purpose. Currently, there is no standard workflow to mitigate this risk which can check the quality of the supplied UAV products to ensure the products meet user requirements.


QA4UAV will be an automated software tool to manage the workflow for acquisition of UAV products from the procurement end. The software will quality assure a range of UAV imagery and photogrammetric products, including point clouds and digital surface models (DSMs). It will leverage components of the existing QA4LiDAR and QA4MOBiLE tools, to build another tool in the “QA4” suite. As UAV datasets are smaller in comparison to airborne and mobile LiDAR datasets, the software will be cloud-based. The user interface will be tailored to suppliers and end users who have less technical expertise and will guide them through the process based on application and desired features as opposed to technical specifications. It will also validate their project plan including flight plan sensor and control.

We Need Your Help!

The project is being conducted between July 2017 and September 2018. QA4UAV is currently in the stakeholder engagement phase of project planning and a User Needs Report should be available by late October 2017. An online questionnaire is now available for those interested in contributing to the user needs analysis. The User Needs Report will be followed by a Functional Requirements document and then a phased development of the product. Version 1.0 is expected to be released towards the end of 2018.

Please contribute to the project by completing the online user needs questionnaire at

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