Transport and road agencies around Australia recognise the significant role mobile LiDAR and imagery can play.

In recent years the Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland (TMR) have been acquiring significant amounts of mobile LiDAR and imagery to monitor and maintain road networks. Currently, substantial amounts of time is spent assessing the quality of the acquired data and extracting key measurements.

Lidar capturing carThe outcome of this project will be a standard automated process for assessing data quality.

For all organisations acquiring data, errors are commonly found by users once a project has been signed off and completed. This can lead to significant delays as issues are rectified, to enable subsequent use and feature extraction. It is therefore important to have a thorough, independent checking mechanism available which is performed on the MLS data upon delivery to the contracting agency in an effective and efficient manner. This project will develop a tool to quality assure MLS data.

Lidar imageryThis project will utilise the software outcomes from Project 2.09 LiDAR QA Tool which developed the QA4LiDAR tools. This includes parts of the frontend user interface and some of the standard QA requirements. This project is also likely to leverage outcomes from Project 2.01 Mobile Mapping.


Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads 


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