Successful implementation of the PPP-RTK algorithms being developed by Projects 1.01 and 1.19 is inextricably linked to the ability of a user to perform near real-time positioning by quickly and reliably resolving the integer carrier phase ambiguities. In the un-combined approach to PPP-RTK being developed and implemented by the CRCSI, a major barrier to successful ambiguity resolution is the un-modelled impact of the ionosphere.

This project will address the problem by exploring the development of a time-dependent 3D model of the ionosphere that has sufficient temporal and spatial resolution to support real-time ambiguity resolution.

The project will deliver the algorithms and prototype source code needed to compute and deliver an ionospheric model to support the operational implementation of PPP-RTK through the Analysis Centre Software (ACS) as an intrinsic part of a future National Positioning Infrastructure (NPI).

Project Team

Mike Terkildsen
Project Leader
Bureau of Meteorology

Simon Fuller

James Millner
Position Partners

Graeme Blick
Land Information New Zealand