Successful implementation of the PPP-RTK algorithms being developed by Projects 1.01 and 1.19 is inextricably linked to the ability of a user to perform near real-time positioning by quickly and reliably resolving the integer carrier phase ambiguities. In the un-combined approach to PPP-RTK being developed and implemented by the CRCSI, a major barrier to successful ambiguity resolution is the un-modelled impact of the ionosphere.

This project will address the problem by exploring the development of a time-dependent 3D model of the ionosphere that has sufficient temporal and spatial resolution to support real-time ambiguity resolution.

The project will deliver the algorithms and prototype source code needed to compute and deliver an ionospheric model to support the operational implementation of PPP-RTK through the Analysis Centre Software (ACS) as an intrinsic part of a future National Positioning Infrastructure (NPI).

Project Team

Dr Mike Terkildsen
Project Leader
Bureau of Meteorology

Dr Simon Fuller

James MillnerMr James Millner
Position Partners


Graeme BlickMr Graeme Blick
Land Information New Zealand