Nuddin with sensors sqThe research will address a fundamental question that arises in multi-GNSS environments that supports ubiquitous positioning: How to best test and assess the claims of GNSS technology and service providers in an independent, scientifically robust manner?

The outputs will include methods, algorithms, software tools, experimental results and scientifically validated conclusions.

An additional output will be a pilot study that showcases the outcomes of this research as well as its potential utility.

precise positioningThis research will contribute to a longer term body of work into GNSS quality control within the CRCSI, and towards the establishment of test track facilities that quantify the performance of a GNSS positioning system under variable operating conditions.


Allison Kealy 2Dr Allison Kealy
Project Leader P1.04

Nuddin Tengku Conf2012Mr Ahmad Ridhwanuddin Tengku
PhD Candidate