"For Profit" companies with an ABN or international equivalent can seek to join 43pl.

In the first instance, interested companies should contact Graeme Kernich to discuss the opportunities and proposal. The formal application requires the submission of a 43pl Membership application formYou can find out more below.


43pl companies are expected to:

  • 43pl logo 239pxWideHave a strong role in Australia and/or New Zealand
  • Attend the member-only CRCSI Conference
  • Inform and draw benefit from the technical, policy and skills development programs of the CRCSI to provide a user focus to its activities
  • Assist in the utilisation strategies implemented for CRCSI research and innovation projects
  • Contribute a marketplace perspective to CRCSI considerations
  • Actively participate in projects and activities.

There are many other engagement points besides direct project participation, for example being an industry co-supervisor of CRCSI Scholarship holders; and participating in the CRCSI governance structures.