smeThis project aims to drive a cultural change amongst spatial industry small to medium enterprises (SMEs) regarding the attitudes and actions towards strategic planning and R&D investment into the spatial sector.

Key outcomes will be

  • Improved and/or accelerated utilisation outcomes resultant from R&D investment by these SMEs
  • A recognised profile and noted presence of the SI sector as being at the forefront of innovation within Australia
  • An increased level of R&D investment and involvement by SMEs in the spatial industry sector

An extended member network, including specialist mentors and experts, will assist SMEs to overcome identified barriers to innovation.

This will assist SMEs with:

  • The early decisions necessary to develop an idea, product or process
  • Partnering, funding, networking, intellectual property, research activities, etc during development
  • Commercialising innovation, whether developed in-house or in conjunction with the CRCSI or other research organisations.


This report presents findings from a study of 20 large and small firms engaged in surveying and other spatial information development and use, using face to face semi-structured interviews to identify innovation activities, and the enablers and inhibitors of innovation.

It is a pilot study to guide the larger review that is underway.