Industry Development

CRCSI continues to emphasise industry growth opportunities, in particular to 43pl companies, through initiatives that are developed in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

The CRCSI works closely with relevant industry bodies and associations, particularly SIBA and GITA and the SSSI.


  1. Providing a program of assistance in business development activities
  2. Collecting industry statistics and parameters
  3. Expanding our (spatial) presence in our end user market segments
  4. Strengthening our relationships with international entities to bring opportunities to Australia of opening up overseas markets – for example CRCSI has an MOU with TECTERRA


CRCSI works with nine international partners. Our current partners are listed here.


Further information about industry growth opportunities can be obtain by contacting Graeme Kernich.


CRCSI has commissioned, conducted and participated in a number of seminal reports that inform debate across industry, government, academic and community charters.

Innovation & Industry Development

This project aims to drive a cultural change amongst spatial industry small to medium enterprises (SMEs) regarding the attitudes and actions towards strategic planning and R&D investment into the spatial sector.