43 editing copy43pl manages a unit trust which allows SMEs to purchase units. These units allow the SMEs to participate in all the CRCSI activities with appropriate flexibility and to access the CRCSI intellectual property. 

Membership significantly reduces the cost of involvement. 43pl assumes indemnity for each member SME, and the administrative costs and Company Secretary functions are provided by the CRCSI.

Board directors are from representative member companies from across Australia and New Zealand and are elected through a nomination process.

Additional benefits to 43pl members are:

  • Commercial benefits through improved technology and the ability to conduct better business
  • Intellectual property access for commercialisation and internal business improvement
  • Participation in funded projects
  • Access to and support funding for PhD and Masters students through the education program
  • Participation in governance matters
  • Development of stakeholder engagement plans and influence on strategic planning through the 43pl board
  • Access to a network of research, development and spatial information global connections¬†
  • Invitation to the CRCSI annual conference.