43pl provides companies with an easy way to engage with the CRCSI.

Formed in 2001, the early members stated the following purpose for being:

  • Access specific research and development initiatives and intellectual property
  • Grow business both in technical and professional development
  • Targeted and specific networking with government and academia
  •  A voice in the spatial information industry.

As a consortium, 43pl companies are across the research and development program activities of the CRCSI; from strategic planning, governance, research and commercialisation, along with internal networking conferences and special 43pl events.

The structure of the CRCSI allows for a range of membership opportunities. 43pl is an essential participant of the CRCSI which is described as those who make substantial cash and in kind commitments to influence the work program and achievements of the CRCSI, and are willing to be part of the organisation for the long term.

The CRCSI provides administration activities through the 43pl Company Secretary Melanie Plumb.

Confidential advice in engaging in the CRCSI is provided by the CRCSI Deputy CEO Graeme Kernich.


43pl Tenders – some CRCSI projects have components that are offered to 43pl members through a fair and transparent tender process 43pl.

Business Roaming – support for companies that seek networks and B2B and other relationships internationally, and particularly with Canada (through TECTERRA) and Sweden (through Future Position X) and globally (through the Global Spatial Network).

Annual Conference – a highly valued, invitation-only event of premium networking and technology and business insights and contacts Access to CRCSI Intellectual Property.