20 November 2015

Year in Summary 2014-15

By: Jessica Purbrick-Herbst |  Tags: , , , ,

The Australia and New Zeleand CRC for Spatial Information Year in Summary 2014-15 highlights the achievements of the CRCSI over the last 12 months.

With a foreword by Dr Peter Woodgate, CEO and some top impacts so far, the report includes seven selected research achievements for 2014-15 which highlight the breadth of work the CRCSI conducts across the three research themes.

The application of this work has resulted or will result in significant commercial and societal impact. In brief, these are:

  • Real-time position will enable 24 hour positioning accuracy
  • First response mapping allows coastal communities to understand and prepare for sea level rise
  • The Spatial Hub provides farmers with better tools to increase profitability know-how and reduce the cost of capital borrowings
  • Handheld sensors determining biomass have already seen farmers reduce the cost of farm inputs such as supplementary feeding and fertiliser
  • Spatial tools that build sustainable suburbs have achieved recommendations by government planners to make policy changes to create better places to live
  • Canterbury (NZ) recovery has led to better preparedness for recovery health services
  • Earth changes to land boundaries means councils can more readily reorganise land ownership and boundaries after earthquake displacements.

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