2 November 2011

WALIS: Location Information Strategy Approved

The implementation of the Location Information Strategy was approved by State Cabinet on 1 August 2011.

An executive level Implementation Group is being established to extend agency representation in WALIS to Department of Premier and Cabinet, Department of State Development, Department of Regional Development and Lands and Department of Transport.

It is anticipated that the Implementation Group and SMG will meet jointly in early November to finalise terms of reference for implementing the program. The implementation program, including Priority Projects and Strategic Initiatives (see Program Overview at, will form the foundation of the WALIS work plan for the next two years. However, it is recognised that other strategic and operational issues raised by WALIS members will need to continue be addressed during this period.

An alternative approach to resolving issues currently addressed by WALIS working groups was discussed at the WALIS Council meetings in August and October, and has been discussed with and supported by WALIS SMG and the working groups. This approach will see a number of key projects scoped (resources and timeframes) – based on priority actions already identified by the working groups. It is intended that the current format of regular working group meetings will be replaced with a series of targeted workshops and discussion forums to refine these projects and address priority issues. It is intended that the WALIS calendar of events for 2012, to be distributed in November, will incorporate this new approach.

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