1 September 2011

WALIS-ISDE7 wrap up

The combined WALIS Forum, 7th International Symposium on Digital Earth (ISDE7), and State NRM Conference drew to a triumphant close on Thursday 25th August. The combined conference drew over 800 delegates from 21 countries including Australia, New Zealand, China, Canada, Malaysia and Brazil.

“The conference was very productive, and really showed the shift of thinking into the next generation of modelling, simulation, optimisation and visualisation using spatial information,” said CRCSI CEO Dr Peter Woodgate.

The opening ceremony included the announcement that Professor John Richards AM has been elected to be President of the International Society for Digital Earth. Prof Richards presented the Digital Earth Vision for 2020 as the conference's opening address. 

CRCSI was recognised as a key participant, integral to the preparation and operation.

  • Several sessions were chaired by CRCSI staff
  • CRCSI Staff and 43pl members presented papers across the broad range of streams
  • Dr Woodgate discussed tackling important growth challenges for SI
  • Two sessions on Wednesday discussed the development and applications of the ANZ Spatial Marketplace
  • HealthTracks was once again in the spotlight as an integral application of spatial data in the health sector
  • Several CRCSI entities featured at the exhibition: Amristar, Curtin University, ESRI, Fugro, Landgate, Nearmap, NGIS, SKM, Spatial Vision, Whelans.
  • And of course the conference was convened through the auspices of Landgate, one of CRCSI's core partners. 

Look here for a feature from ASM about the Australia New Zealand Spatial Marketplace or the mapping developments from the Queensland Floods.

The closing ceremony included the announcement that the ISDE Summit for 2012 will be held in Wellington, New Zealand, while ISDE8 will be held in 2013 in Kuching, Sarawak.

Image: Gerry Gannon, Prof John Richards and Dr Peter Woodgate at the CRCSI exhibition stand.

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