2 November 2011

WALIS: Geoscience Australia Workshop

On Wednesday, October 19, Geoscience Australia held a stakeholder engagement workshop to brief 25 WALIS community participants on the development of the National Exposure Information System (NEXIS). NEXIS is being accelerated through a Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (DCCEE) initiative in conjunction with Geoscience Australia.

The workshop was held at the Western Australian Conservation Science Centre in Kensington and was facilitated by Steven James from the WA Department of Planning. Steven has a long and successful track record working across the spatial industry in WA, including time with the WALIS Office.

The aim of the workshop was to:

  • Highlight the current NEXIS capability and its utility for decision makers and researchers;
  • Obtain the perspective of current and potential stakeholders on their current and future information needs and opportunities;
  • Broaden the engagement of state government, local government and other data custodians; and
  • Enable the expansion of the scope of this national capability to support a broad range of activities including climate change adaptation, research and sustainable urban development.

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