29 October 2015

United Nations Award, Spatial Analytics and success in spatial study increases patient health outcomes

By: Jessica Purbrick-Herbst |  Tags: , , , , ,

Welcome to the October Edition #52 of the CRCSI News.

With the annual conference just days away the team in HQ are busy putting the final touches into the program, the layout and the awards dinner. I hope you are registered with bags packed.

Highlights this month:

  • David Sinclair reports on the focus workshop activities in Sydney with more planned for Perth in November
  • 43pl members are encouraged to bring clients and customers to the CRCSI Annual Conference in Melbourne to showcase the strong connection between research and commercial outcomes
  • Rapid Spatial Analytics announces its new board
  • Spatial tools continue to make impact in rural Australia both in agriculture and health
  • Commercial opportunities in the CRCSI intellectual property – see how it works.

And so much more...

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