6 December 2011

Tecterra SME Awards - Now Open

TECTERRA has TWO competitions open to Canadian Small and Medium Enterprises

TECTERRA is the Titanium Sponsor for the Global Geospatial Conference 2012 which will be Canada's largest geospatial conference and trade show of 2012. Through a full range of support programs, TECTERRA enables Canadian companies to bring innovative geomatics solutions to market. Its uncomplicated investment and grant programs are building blocks designed to reduce your risk and support you through each phase of product development and commercialization.

1. GGC 2012 Commercialization Support Services Award (CSS) 
$50,000 non-repayable grant to be used with TECTERRA's Approved Service Providers (ASPs)
Deadline: April 6, 2012

2. GGC 2012 Exhibition Award 
$4,000 sponsorship for exhibit space at the GGC trade show
Deadline: February 23, 2012

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