25 July 2011

Success at WASEA

Two 43pl companies have been recognised at the Western Australian Spatial Excellence Awards. VisTool (Visualising Sea Level Rising) from NGIS Australia won the Environment and Sustainability category, while MillMapper from Scanalyse won the Innovation and Commercialisation category and was named the overall winner for 2011. VisTool and MillMapper are both CRCSI supported projects.

NGIS, along with the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and CRC for Spatial Information, created VisTool, an online scenario planning tool to visualise and communicate the effects of sea level rising. It is the first time that a consistent tool and high resolution data has been provided to planning authorities around Australia to assess the risks of sea level rising, allowing decisions to be made using the best data available.

Scanalyse, along with Curtin University and CRC for Spatial Information, commercialised MillMapper, an innovative terrestrial laser scanner technique for safely measuring the rate of wear of mineral processing mills for improved efficiencies and productivity. The technology has been commercialised by Scanalyse, a WA start-up company that now employs 20 people. MillMapper is a world first in the in-situ measurement, modelling and management of mill liners and grinding media.

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28 July 2016

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