15 June 2015

Spatial maturity in health

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How mature is your organisation?

Australian researchers Dr Ori Gudes, Narelle Mullan and Professor Tarun Weeramanthri delved into spatial maturity in Western Australian health organisations to determine the uptake of spatial information. This pilot study – Spatial Maturity in a Health Agency – developed a framework and tool to evaluate the use of spatial technology at an organisational level.

Determining spatial maturity within an organisation – this is its capability to use spatial data to support operational and strategic functions – meant developing a four-stage framework; survey, group discussions, analysis and recommendations. See Figure 1.

Spatial maturity conceptual framework

Although this pilot study focused on health, the framework is generic so that it can be used to benchmark, provide baseline and monitor progress of organisational spatial health. 

"We hope this report will reinforce to readers that there is more to technology adoption than ‘cool tools’, that a generic framework is available to look at ‘capacity to use’, that mixed methods analysis can lead to critical organisational insights, and that we can thereby better realise the potential of spatial technology to contribute to better organisational performance", said research team members, Dr Ori Gudes, Narelle Mullan and Professor Tarun Weeramanthri.

Understanding organisational spatial maturity is relevant to businesses operating across a broad spectrum of sectors; from roads, transport, education, mining and energy, communications (mobile, internet), disaster relief and food security. This insight will provide valuable learnings into the cohesion of which its people are using spatial information to make more strategic decisions and respond to operational activities.

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