10 July 2012

Spatial Health Month - Lunch & Learn

Spatial information and technology has an important role in these and other challenges facing health professionals today.

To learn more come along to one or more of the talks being offered during Spatial Health Month.

Lunch & Learn Series

WA Department of Health Theatrette

189 Royal Street, East Perth, 12 – 1pm

  1. Thu 12 July Tarun Weeramanthri, Executive Director, Public Health and Clinical Services Division
    “Is health the final frontier for spatial science?”
  2. Thu 19 July Dan Goldberg, Research A/Prof Spatial Science, University of Southern California. Dan’s research is focused on GIS tool development, geocomputation, environmental exposure assessment, and uncertainty analysis.
    “Uncertainty in geocoded data and its effects on environmental health studies”
  3. Tue 24 July Grace Yun Senior Research Analyst GIS & Geoff West CRCSI P3 Manager & P2.01 and P4.41 Leader
    “Spatial health in action”


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